The Bucke Township Fire Department

was first established in 1959. by Reeve Charles Courtemanche and Councilors; Oliver Shaver, J.R. Larocque, Leo Deraiche, and J.D. Watson took a few years and our Fire Department was born. A new American Marsh Pumper was purchased at a cost of $11,300. It had a front mounted pump capable of producing 500 gallons per minute at 125 p.s.i., with an 800 gallon holding tank, ladders portable pump, 2 ½” and 1 ½” hose, bunker turn out gear (coats, boots, helmets, etc.), and a booster hose reel was mounted at a later date. The pumper was mounted on a tanker truck and equipment van. Later a communications system was purchased so that telephones directly connected firefighters’ homes to the Fire Hall. Radios were also purchased for the Fire Hall and pumper. When the amagamation of Bucke Twp and Haileybury took place in 1971, our pumper was expected to remain in North Cobalt at the Fire Hall where Chief Ray Cote resided as well as being caretaker; but in 1977 everything was moved to Haileybury and the Bucke Township Fire Hall was closed. Some of the Bucke Township members transferred to Haileybury and eventually retired. Many of our members attended training courses, both locally and at the Fire Marshal’s College in Gravenhurst. We were in attendance at many local large fires, such as, Cobalt, Haileybury and New Liskeard and helped families outside our jurisdiction who had no fire protection (Lorrain Valley, Firstbrook Township, etc.).

BUCKE FIRE DEPARTMENT MEMBERS & EXECUTIVE: The Executive for the newly formed Bucke Township Fire Department were former Councilor and the first Fire Chief Oliver Shaver (1959 -June- 1963), Deputy Chief Charles (Bud) Shaver ( replaced Ollie Shaver as Chief in June 1963 until amalgamation on January 1, 1971). Captains from 1959 – 1971 included: William Lathem (replaced Bud Shaver as Deputy Chief in June 1963), Norris Brown, Gordon Coe, Joseph Ward, Paul Desrosiers and others who would change from year to year. Some may be missing from the list. The above noted photo contains all the members for 1967 – Canada’s Centennial Year. The Secretary was Norman Fox and Chairman of the Volunteer Firefighters was Aurele Belanger.