Streetcar Restoration

On 4 October 1922 one of the “ten worst disasters” in Canadian History occurred known as the Haileybury Fire. The Fire covered approximately 300,000 acres, extending from north of Charlton to south of North Cobalt and from the Quebec border to the Montreal River on the west.

After the Fire


In this photo may be seen the devastation of the fire as well as the efforts of reconstruction. To the right in the enlarged photo one sees the Royal Bank.

Loading Cars in Toronto

October 10 1922

Loading old cars for North. photograph of old Toronto Railway Company streetcar being lifted onto Canadian National Railway flatcar at Coxwell Yard.

Before Restoring

1922 before the snow flies

This photo of the Streetcar was taken after the shed which covered it for many years was removed. This was the year that the 104 Streetcar was being refurbished into what we see today at the Haileybury Heritage Museum.

Railcar children

By Jim Strong

These children are happy to have a place out of the weather to call home, it will probably be for a short time but much warmer than living outside.

Life goes on!

By Larry Edmonds

The clothes hanging on the Streetcar were probably a typical scene in Haileybury the first year after the Great Fire of 1922. .

Winter of 1922

By Faith Chance

We see the barren streets of Haileybury just a Streetcar home in the first snows of winter to show signs that people still live here.