To young detectives worldwide, he was known under the pseudonyms Carolyn Keene, Roy Rockwood and most famously Franklin W. Dixon author of The Hardy Boys series. Author Leslie McFarlane, who passed away on September 6, 1977, was one of the most successful Canadian writers of all time. Working for the Stratemeyer Syndicate, he penned 21 volumes of The Hardy Boys, initiated The Dana Girls series and wrote seven Dave Fearless novels. In an interview with CBC Radio’s Peter Gzowski, October 7, 1972 he discussed his career as Canada’s best-selling author. This may be found at :The CBC Digital Archives Website.Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Last updated: May 14, 2008. Leslie McFarlane passed away on September 6, 1977 in Whitby, Ontario.

  • Readers around the world have bought millions of copies of The Hardy Boys series which chronicles the adventures of teenage detectives Frank and Joe Hardy. The boys solve mysteries at home and abroad with both humour and smarts.
  • McFarlane’s last Hardy Boys novel The Phantom Freighter was written in 1946. While authorship was largely credited to McFarlane, the book was in fact written by his wife Amy McFarlane.
  • McFarlane was nominated for an Academy Award for scripting the documentary drama Herring Hunt in 1953. He also worked in Hollywood as a writer for the television show Bonanza before returning to Canada where he worked on documentaries and comedies for the CBC.
  • Aside from his work as The Hardy Boys author, McFarlane penned four novels, 100 novelettes, 200 short stories, 75 television scripts. He also produced, directed and wrote 50 films for the National Film Board.
  • McFarlane’s son Brian, a former commentator for Hockey Night in Canada, learned at age 10 that his father was the author of The Hardy Boys. He recalled that it was akin to learning that his father was Santa Claus.